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OSHAS 18001 : Occupational Health & Safety Program


MSC Shipmanagement Limited recognizes and accepts its responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, visitors and other stakeholders in its business, both on ship and ashore. MSC Shipmanagement Limited is fully committed towards Occupational Health & Safety and complies with the standards of OSHAS 18001.


MSC Shipmanagement Limited’s approach to Health and Safety is based on the key clauses of OHSAS 18001:2007 whereby emphasis is placed on:

  • 4.2 OH&S Policy
  • 4.3 Planning
  • 4.4 Implementation and Operation
  • 4.5 Checking
  • 4.6 Management Review

MSC Shipmanagement Limited recognizes the need to focus on continual improvement of its OH&S management and performance. Our aim is to encourage a positive health and safety culture. To ensure this is achieved occupational health and safety is actively promoted throughout the organization through the provision of information, training, instruction and supervision.

MSC Shipmanagement Limited operates a ‘no-blame’ culture whereby employees are openly encouraged to report hazards, including near misses, without fear of reprisal to ensure the root-causes of accidents are identified thus enabling measures to be put in place to eliminate recurrence. Emphasis is placed on effective management ensuring a systematic approach to the identification of risks and the allocation of financial and physical resources to control them.

In order to deliver these responsibilities MSC Shipmanagement Limited undertakes to:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy place of work with safe access and egress;
  • Ensure that risk assessments are being carried out on an on-going basis with employees participating in the risk assessment process. Assessments will cover MSC Shipmanagement Limited undertakings and will assist in the identification of hazards and the setting of prioritized objectives for elimination and reduction of risk;
  • Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employees to avoid hazards and to contribute positively to the health and safety of themselves and others whilst at work;
  • Consult with employees on issues relating to OH&S;
  • Ensure access to competent health and safety advice;
  • Provide plant, equipment and systems of work which are safe and without risks to health;
  • Ensure safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances;
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant safety legislation, regulations, codes of practice and other requirements which are applicable to the locations where its ships and offices are situated.
  • Arrange for the effective planning, organization, control, monitoring and review of preventative and protective measures; and
  • Commit to reporting OH&S performance within its annual report

MSC Shipmanagement Limited follows the guidelines of The ISM Code, Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen, and the applicable local labour laws as part of its OSHAS 18001:2007 compliance program.

MSC Shipmanagement Limited, including MSC Crewing Services, expects its business partners, agencies and vendors to bear their responsibilities towards maintaining a safe working environment.

Employees of MSC Shipmanagement Limited / MSC Crewing Services may obtain further details in the OSHAS 18001 Manual which is incorporated in the QSEEMS.



External or internal stakeholders may report any observed violation of the above mentioned principles to the Management of MSC Shipmanagement Limited, or address any queries through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

MSC Shipmanagement Limited will update regarding its OSHAS 18001 activities on the website for its external stakeholders at periodic intervals.


Prabhat Kumar Jha
Group Managing Director

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